IronMan Louisville 2019 Race Report
Pre-Race The day was finally approaching. The day that I had trained over a year for. I am always early
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Ohio 70.3 Race Report
So I was not going to do a race report as I did not finish the race- DNF. This is
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When I first started running I was so excited. I signed up for as many races as I could. I
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What are you “Tri-ing” For
This thing called life is a struggle. Some days are more so than others. Life can beat you down, but
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Grand Rapids 70.3 Triathlon
My coach recommended an early 70.3 to my race schedule in order to prepare me for my “A” race IronMan
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Heatwave Olympic Triathlon- Race Report
Well, the title lived up to it’s name. I did not originally have this race on my calendar. I wanted
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Race Report Thunder in the Valley Sprint Triathlon
This was my first race of the season. Last year, I traveled to Atlanta to get some early open water
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Flying Pigs Race Report
My plan was to run the Flying Pigs Marathon, but my training got off schedule due to the flu followed
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The Struggle Bus
The wind chill was 10 degrees.  There were gale wind forces of 37-40 mph.  Ten minutes into the run I
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Top 9 for 2018
2018 is coming to an end too fast actually. I have too much to do today. It was a awesome
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