Enjoy the Journey

So  in five days I will run my 9th marathon, and my third world major marathon- New York Marathon. I am excited although a bit nervous. This is the year-2017. It has been a long hard journey for me to get to this race. My last marathon was in 2014. While training for it I developed plantar fasciitis which  haunted me for two and a half years. In 2015 I was blessed enough to be selected in the lottery for New York Marathon, but my plantar fasciitis continued to bother me. I also developed a stress fracture and had to be in a walker boot for three months in addition to the plantar fasciitis. So there was no way I could run a marathon Luckily I could defer until 2015. So my stress fracture healed, and I then went to rehab for my planter fasciitis, and because I had been in boot for so long. It never resolved, I ended up having to have a small procedure. After the procedure I was placed in another boot, and actually could not put weight on my leg. This was in June 2016 so there was no way I could train for my marathon in  the Fall of 2016. So no marathon for me, my foot got better and I was on my way to recovery I then fell skiing  early 2017 and had a cartilage injury. I got treated with Platelet-rich Plasma(PRP) and hyaluronic acid- three injections and rehab and I was better.  I was running pain free, finally. I was so happy. This is my year


Well, two weeks ago today, I fell and sprained my ankle. I was running on the lake front and got my foot caught in a pot hole.  I was like “oh my” this injury bug is not going to stop me. You see I have paid  for New York Marathon three times (2015, 2016, and now 2017). Training has been so awesome. My pace has improved. The cross-taring from swimming and cycling has helped my endurance. My Triathlete training is making me an  all around better athletes. I tell you all of this to let you know that my road, my journey to the finish line is long. It is not just 26.2 miles, add a couple years and a few injuries. So Sunday  will be a true celebration.  I will enjoy every step, every mile,  every minute. My journey  has been fun through out despite the length of it. I also have had my smile, my will, and my determination.  New York is not ready for me. There will be a party on the pavement


Stay tune next year for my race report.