Give Thanks

November is one of my favorite months. September and October are rough for me due to my parents birthday, and my mother passed in October. I love November because it is the start of the holiday season.  It is simple, it is a month to be thankful. Thanksgiving is about family/friends, food, and football. I was reading an article out how holidays can be hard for people who have experienced the lost of a family member. I agree it can.The holidays are so different since both my parents passed. I miss them dearly, but I make the best of it. I realize that life is about change. This year will have another change. I had an on and off again friend who I always ended my Thanksgiving with after visiting the family since I have lived in Chicago. Well I decided  it was better for us to stay off, and move on. So this year will be family, and some new friends. I try to concentrate on the good, and be thankful for all I have. I am truly blessed in spite of my life not being perfect. Now, who has a perfect life, anyway. So I ask that during this holiday season be thankful. Even when December comes around don’t get caught in the stress that it can be. Think about the reason for the season. Christmas is about Jesus’s birth, and again family. The gift giving is just a simple way to show family and friends how much they are appreciated.


Happy Holidays, smile give and give thanks!!