2018- Has Life Passed You By


I recently read this article and thought has life passed me by. I love my life. I have a wonderful profession, awesome family and friends. Of course I want the hubby, and the 2.5 kids, and the million dollar salary, but oh well. It is like playing spades I deal with the hand that is dealt me and I make the best of it.

Well regarding my profession, I am sure I could make the million dollars but I would be working crazy hours, and not living in my favorite city. I made a choice to work where I work, because it is more life style friendly. My hobbies are a part of who I am. If I did not have the time to ski, run, bike, swim I would not be happy. After my parents died I realized that life is short, then you die. I take chances, and live my life. As I was skiing last week in Whistler in poor visibility, steep terrain, and in powder with my heart racing a mile a minute, I was literally was freaking out. I did make it down in one piece. Then the following day while swimming in  the pool when I was trying” key word” trying to master freestyle comfortably. I was thinking I am a little beyond the age where I need to fight to master new skills. Then I thought no it is not . It is the perfect time. It keeps you young, intrigued , and always striving for improvement. So live your life to the fullest. Ask the cute guy out that you have a crush on. Take that trip you have been waiting to take for years. Run a race. Take up that hobby you never thought you could do. Start that business that you always wanted to. Write that book. Start that podcast. Live you life, no matter what you have In the words of Aaliyah who just had birthday ” Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number”


Pictures From my Latest Adventure- Whistler 2018