10 Reason Why I Liked Avengers Infinity Wars


After I got over the shock of the movie, I had to reevaluate the newest film. The fact that half of the Avengers are dead including the Black Panther. The fact that Wakanda is destroyed, and it seems like the villain won. After I made peace with that, I had to deep deep. I am a glass half fulled type of person. So this is my list. Please tell me what you that of the newest movie.

  1. I love everything Marvel so of course I love this one
  2. Shuri shows up with her most intelligent self proving she maybe the smartest person in the universe. She just needed more time to retrieve the infinity mine stone from Vision without killing him.
  3. I love Tony Spark one-liners I laughed so much at the beginning of the movie, that my abs were hurting
  4. I get excited when I see Dr. Strange make circles with his hand and sparkle show up and he can enter another dimension. (Yes, I am a child at heart)
  5. We return to Wakanda and the “marvel”  that it is. I see the characters I loved M’Baku, Okoye, and of course King T’Challa
  6. Thor gets his eye back, I was not feeling the patch, although it made him look like his Dad
  7. I really love Captain Rogers and the new look. The beard, the black suit, and the black shield.
  8. Bucky is cured so it seems, and he has a new Vibranium arm
  9. Scarlet Witch and Vision found love so it seems until the Black Order comes to retrieve the mind stone
  10. Although things seem grime at the end, Thanos can’t win like this. I was waiting for the post-credit scene to give me some hope. For one we all know there is another Spider Man movie,  and Black Panther movie coming out. They can’t stay dead. Like when SuperMan died in Batman versus Superman. I knew he was not dead/dead.  So something has to happen to bring people back. At least some of the Avengers back. Well, we have to wait another year, before we know.  I think Captain Marvel will have something to do with the beat down of Thanos. She will be introduced next year. Thanks to my brother for the actual comic intel.