Top 9 for 2018
2018 is coming to an end too fast actually. I have too much to do today. It was a awesome
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We Fall Down, But We Get Up
Well, maybe I should say I fall down, but I get up. I don’t know where I got my adventurous
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Chicago Triathlon 2018- Race Report
Pre-Race This race was a mental reach for me.  My first two Sprint triathlons, the swim was a total struggle,
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Sunfish Triathlon 2018–Race Report
Pre-Race   A week prior to the race, I shipped my bike via bikeflights to a bike shop in the
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Tri on The Fourth of July– Race Report
I completed my first open water triathlon. It was rough, but I made it to the finish line with a
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Life Goes On
My next blog was supposed to be a race report following my first open water triathlon. Well, my first official
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The Struggle Continues
My first Ragnar team describes my current dilemma. While everyone who knows me, knows I love running — ” Running
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Injury Prevention
I would like to share a video talk that I recently  prepared for  MRDS anniversary.  Men Run Deez Streets (MRDS)
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10 Reason Why I Liked Avengers Infinity Wars
  After I got over the shock of the movie, I had to reevaluate the newest film. The fact that
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