It So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday
Some people dread getting old, I really don’t. I consider myself like wine, I get better with age. Each year,
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Give Thanks
November is one of my favorite months. September and October are rough for me due to my parents birthday, and
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Baby Step- but I am Triathlete
So June after the following  interaction that I blogged about before, I decided I was going to complete a Triathlon
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New York Big City Dreams, and Everything in New York Ain’t Always What It Seems–New York Marathon
Friday— I arrived Friday morning, but I made the mistake of staying up too late the night before. I am
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Enjoy the Journey
So  in five days I will run my 9th marathon, and my third world major marathon- New York Marathon. I
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Marathon- So What is The Big Deal ??
So yesterday I was at work at the hospital and I was talking to one of the staff of the
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Tomorrow is Not Promised
  Last Thursday one of my high school classmate died suddenly of a massive heart attack. He was a joy
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Delay is Not a Denial
My morning devotion by Rick Warren- it blessed me so I figured I would share. I few weeks ago
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Love Letter
I am writing this love letter or like letter to someone special. At the end will reveal who.. so keep
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What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do
Life is interesting to say the least. Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn of events. There are a series of
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