[youtube] The trailer sums up the focus of the movie. The key message is that pray changes things, and I
The life of a runner who happens to be a doctor. I am not just any doctor, I am an orthopedic
The tease of preseason is almost over. While I love the month of August for a number of reasons, one
Ironically the name of my Chicago Ragnar group. Presently I have had a condition called plantar fasciitis. I have had
Life has been challenging lately. I don’t have my go to running to help me escape from the madness. I
Anyone who really knows me knows that I love CHICAGO. Every since I was a child when we use to ride Amtrak
I have been reminded of this too often lately. I lost a good friend, and soror at the end of
So I am still on the injured reserve list. I am working my way back to recovery. I actually ran a
I am on the injured reserve list. The injured reserve list or IR list is an official designation used by
Everyone who really knows me knows that I love running, and I love football. I was searching for a spring


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