Dr. Ouida Brown


orthopaedic surgeon, runner, author,
podcaster, motivational speaker
jesus/health/sports fanatic


My name is Oui Brown. I am an orthopedic surgeon, a health coach, a marathoner, a sports fanatic, a lover of life, Jesus freak. What is the OuiLife OuiLove you ask? It is my life. Oui which is short for Ouida. Oui is french for yes. It is amazing as I mature-I won’t say get older-I am embracing life as it comes. I say yes to all that it brings the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly. I embrace it all, and make the best of every situation. My blog is a glimpse of my journey to find joy, to find love in this crazy world mainly through running/fitness and travel. It is a glimpse of my passions, my loves, and what makes me uniquely me.

Please join me in my journey. Maybe something I share will enrich your life.

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