Having Peace When You Have to Pivot In Life

Having Peace When You Have to Pivot In Life

Pivoting can provide stress and uncertainty as it is changed from an original plan. Change can also be somewhat scary.  It can mean changing one’s life, whether it’s a job, a move, or a new journey.  Pivoting can be risky yet beneficial. Pivoting lets people follow their passions, although with a new or renewed focus. Pivoting can foster growth. Adapting to a new setting may help one grow and further find themselves. It may allow a new sense of purpose, and a renewed passion. 

Changing one’s life can initially be sad as you are in a sense saying goodbye or saying later to something that was initially planned. Life happens, and many times it is not as we planned it. We have to make adjustments.  My favorite spectator  sport football  is all about adjustment, and the best teams know how to do it well. Pivoting is far from  simple but in order to keep moving we have to learn to have peace in the process. Often the end is so much better than the initial plan. 

In this episode, I will share my journey and experiences and how I am finding peace in my pivot.

Episode Highlights:  

  •  The Pivot Podcast one of my new favorite podcast
  • How to continue once the newness wears off
  • The Team Concept and how this concept helps in achieving goals
  • Realizing that things are not always don’t work out as plan 
  • Sports used to convey key life lessons
  • Knowing that consistent movement is key
  • Update on my recovery, injuries, and future plan 
  • The importance of living in the moment and being grateful 
  • How I am pivoting 

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