What I Have Learned From My Coronavirus Quarantine- Part II

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Blog

Well my life has been turned upside since early March. COVID-19 has Schanged the world.. I am still learning much for this time of shelter in place. These are a few more lessons. Check out my prior blog for Part I if you are interested.

  1. My current job causes me undue stress.
  2. I thrive when I am busy, so this has been an adjustment
  3. I love cycling. It is hard to train when there are no races on the calendar. I need inspiration and found some at my virtual cycling club meeting from pro cyclist  Justin Williams.  
  4. I am a new fan of Bubba Wallace. I am proud of him for taking a stand to what he believes in– Black Lives Matter. Going to  Nascar race was always on my bucket list. I will definably be headed to a race when it is safe to be in large groups. 
  5. I think I have a mild case of COVID-19 paranoia, while, I  am not a psychiatrist   People make me nervous especially new people. I went on a group ride a couple of weeks ago. We were drafting and riding fast. I felt great to be outside riding fast but being close to people made me nervous. Although I had a surgical mask, everyone else didn’t. I was short of breath an hour afterward. I am not sure if it was because I rode hard with a mask or it was my nerves. I had all types of thoughts going through my head “ Do I have COVID-19 again? Did I have it in the first place? If I have it again will it be worse” It went away and I  went  back this morning with my K-95 mask and was able to ride comfortably. I was weird cycling with a filtered mask, but I got a great workout and was not short of breathe. 
  6. I miss close contact with testosterone- won’t go into any further details.
  7. As my Spec Dr El Brown my village in top notch and have helped me through the lows
  8. People come into your life for reason, season, or a lifetime. It pays to know the difference and not try to make a reason person be more than that. 
  9. I hate on-line dating- this is just confirmed
  10.  I love Kev-On-Stage maybe I am late to the party. He is hilarious. YouTube has been my friend.  

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