Dr. Nina Franklin- That Salad Lady- Talks Us Through Her Journey of Food and Nutrition

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Podcast

On today’s episode, we will hear from renowned wellness expert and distance running enthusiast, Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin. Also known as That Salad Lady across multiple media including YouTube and TikTok. Dr. Franklin will talk us through her journey of keeping fit since the age of 12 to date even through motherhood.

Dr. Franklin has extensive knowledge about food and nutrition given that she has a plethora of academic degrees and certifications. She will talk to us about her passion with food and nutrition how she moved from academia to create the “That Salad Lady” brand. Why she feels like this way she has more impact on the world than she ever would have hoped to. 

Besides sharing some of her recipes, she will teach us how to create our own salad bowls filled with foods we love and how to not feel guilty about certain foods. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Dr. Franklin  starts running prompted at age twelve.
  • Dr. Franklin speak about her experience running marathons.
  • She talks about remaining active even after a difficult pregnancy.
  • Balancing running, motherhood and work.
  • So, what motivates Dr. Franklin to keep active?
  • Nutrition academia and gaps in research particularly with black women.
  • Dr. Franklin drops academia to become That Salad Lady.
  • Dr. Franklin shares some of her salad bowl recipes.
  • Dr. Franklin shares some life lessons and words of wisdom for us.

Guest Bio

Nina Cherie Franklin, PhD is a healthy living coach, globally recognized wellness expert, and the woman behind the blog and brand “That Salad Lady” and “That Salad Lady University.”Leveraging her scientific knowledge, academic background and extensive experience in health, nutrition and fitness, Nina inspires healthy eating and living through practical hands-on experiences, and empowers lasting lifestyle change through continuing education offerings andlifelong learning opportunities.

As a commentator and regular contributor to scientific journals and national media

publications, Nina influences and challenges the wellness industry and is a strong advocate for making healthy living more approachable, accessible and inclusive.

About “That Salad Lady”

As That Salad Lady, Nina Cherie Franklin couples her advanced degrees and decades of

experience in health, fitness and nutrition with her obsession for salad making.

Leveraging her blog and brand and recently launched University, she educates and empowers

everyday people by promoting small diet and lifestyle changes through salad making to,

ultimately, cultivate healthier, happier relationships with food. By teaching people how to build their bowl.

That Salad Lady helps people gain more confidence through a greater sense of

control over their eating patterns, food choices, and overall ability to make healthy, satisfying


As Nina Cherie Franklin, PhD she remains active in contributions to scientific journals and

national media publications in order to continue her efforts to influence the wellness industry

and to advocate for making healthy living more approachable, accessible and inclusive. But That Salad Lady is here to prove that this can all start with a salad.



·      PhD in Kinesiology, Nutrition and Rehabilitation; UIC.

·      MS in Movement Science (Clinical and Applied Exercise Physiology); UIC.

·      Diploma in Clinical Massage Therapy; Soma Institute, Chicago, IL.

·      BS in Kinesiology (Exercise Science, Fitness and Health Promotion); UIUC.


·      Certified Group Exercise Instructor; ACSM

·      Certified Health Coach; ACE Fitness

·      Certified Exercise Physiologist; ACSM

·      Certified Clinical Massage Therapist; NCBTMB

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