Finding Yourself Beyond Sports with Anna Marcolin

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Podcast

Do you find it difficult to define yourself beyond your sport? As athletes, we often identify ourselves with our sport and struggle to find our identity outside of it. In this episode, we sit down with psychotherapist Anna Marcolin to explore this topic and learn about her own journey in finding her identity beyond sports.

Anna shares her love for sports and how she believes that athletes should enjoy every moment of their sport and be consistent while being easier on oneself. She emphasizes the importance of sports being fun and rewarding work for doing hard stuff. Anna talks about her favorite and worst races and shares her personal obstacle of getting divorced with three small children.

The conversation also touches on the topic of eating disorders and how it is not about the food but the meaning attached to the way the body looks. Anna advises athletes to show themselves grace, slow down, and not always be so competitive. She tells her athletes to focus on their process and consistency, not the end goal, and to put blinders on, look straight ahead, and focus on themselves.

Join us in this inspiring conversation with Anna Marcolin as she shares her insights on finding your identity beyond sports and how to overcome obstacles both in sports and life.

Episode Highlights:

  • Anna emphasizes self-compassion in sports
  • Encourages athletes to explore their identity beyond sport
  • Shares her favorite and worst races
  • Advises athletes to focus on process and consistency
  • Works with many everyday people, especially women
  • Practice changed due to Covid
  • Highlights importance of having a support team
  • Emphasizes availability of resources for everyone

Guest Bio

As a psychotherapist and life coach, Anna Marcolin has built a thriving private practice over the past 25 years. Her specialties include supporting corporate and individual clients in the areas of anxiety and depressive disorders, leadership and team building, relationship challenges, imposter syndrome, and confidence. 

Anna has helped hundreds of people heal from trauma, break through limiting beliefs and confidently go after the life they want through her evidence-based, holistic approach. She breaks through to her clients quickly with her unique ability to connect with authenticity, empathy, and humor.

Anna’s power comes from success in the world of triathlons, a sport that’s been a constant in her adult life. As a medaled and sponsored triathlete with hundreds of races behind her, Anna has honed skills that make her an exceptional life coach and therapist including mental flexibility, focus, and endurance. This experience has given Anna insight into the presence of stress and self-doubt that many of us face in our high-pressured society.

With an unwavering belief that every human being deserves a deeply fulfilling life, Anna meets clients where they are and gives them the tools they need to truly thrive.

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