Coronavirus and Travel

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Blog

Have you traveled or will you travel any time soon? I am not the COVID-19 police, so I won’t tell anyone what to do. I have not traveled but will have to soon for work, and may sneak away somewhere for my birthday. If you plan to go somewhere this is my advice. I will be doing this on my trips

  1. Try to drive if possible. 
  2. Keep plenty of hand sanitizer.
  3. Sanitizer you hands often, along with handles on luggage
  4. If you fly, try to get an N-95 or a reusable respirator. I plan to use my reusable respirator   (see below)
  5. Take Clorox wipes to wipe off seat, tray, and arm rests while on plane. 
  6. Skip the food service if it is available on the plane.
  7. I prefer Southwest, as you can sit where you want, and they are not overbooking like some airlines. As I would want the middle seat free.
  8. I would choose an Airbnb over a hotel if that is an option, and again sanitizer frequently touched areas
  9.  I would also wipe down a rental car if you need one. 
  10. I would choice a trip that involves interactions with only few people if possible. It would also help if you knew if they person was following guidelines as best  as they can regarding social distancing.
  11. I would also stay away from hot spot areas— no Disney. My state of Illinois has a required quarantine if people visit one of the 15 states noted as hot spots

If you must venture out be careful. I know it is hard. I had a dream, I was going on a trip with some of my ski crew. I was thinking about my mask and how this trip would actually work and be safe. I just travel was on my mind when I fell asleep.

Be careful out there, and one day we will hopefully be able to roam the world and I can put my new passport to use.

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