10 Ways to Practice Self-Love

by | Jul 28, 2020 | Blog

Self-Care Sunday we all saw Molly and Issa start the season of Insecure with opportunities to practice some self-love.  I am still in mourning about the end of the season of one of my favorite shows. Well, in the days of COVID-19 we all need to show ourselves some love and grace. Single people like me who may not have our usual social interactions need to be particularly mindful of this. Not to leave out people with families as you are probably spending more time together than usually. You also need some me time for sanity. You deserve to be loved by— YOU. 

These are 10 ways to practice some self-love

  1. Fuel your body with nutritious food, and in the words of my friend Scott Parker hydrate. It is especially important to hydrate in the summer months 
  2. Move something. I am an exercise fanatic and the hardest part is getting out the door or bed if it is an early workout. Exercise promotes endorphins that give you a natural high. It can be something as simple as a walk.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people who lift you up and not tear you down, and cut those negative people out of your life.
  4. Stop comparing yourself to others. We all are a work in progress. There is always someone better than you, and someone worse than you. Don’t feel bad about yourself or on the other hand don’t be too prideful. 
  5. Celebrate the successes and learn from failures. Don’t dwell on either, life is about continued movement. 
  6. Love yourself. God made each of us different. You are special and uniquely you. 
  7. Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. It’s incredible the feeling you get when you realize you have achieved a phenominal feat.
  8. Find a higher power for me that is Jesus. Pray and meditation keep me sane. God is my guiding source and leads me in the correct direction in life’s uncertain time. 
  9. Learn to say no.  No is a sentence and you don’t have to give a long explanation . 
  10. Let go of  that ex who broke your heart, that friends who stabbed you in the back, your Dad who was not there, etc. They may not deserve it, but the resentment and pain that you carry only hurts you. Letting go frees the heart. 

Let us all give ourselves a break in this trying times.

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