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I had to rearrange my schedule so I could be off a few days but take care of my patients prior to being off. It was a crazy few days. Surgery was scheduled 12/9/2020 for Monday 12/14/2020. I had to crutch proof my house. I got rid of my mobile rugs I bought so my bikes would not mess up my carpet. I also secured the other rugs with tape: one in the living room area and the one in the bathroom. I also purchased a shower chair. I did not know if I would be able to bear weight  after surgery and I wanted to be able to shower.  I also purchased a rolling cart. The cart would help transport my food from the kitchen to my dining table. I also purchased paper plates, plastic spoon/folks, some prepared food, and restocked items. I purchased a laundry basket with wheels. I also purchased a cast protector to use to keep my leg dry, again so I could shower. It would be more secure than a trash bag and duct tape. I cooked fish, tuna, salmon. I also made dressing and my vegan turkey loaf to freeze if I get stuck here for Christmas. So I will have some holiday food. I purchased freezer containers and bags.  I made sure I put all my dishes away.  I actually practiced stairs with my crutches. I practiced before my right knee surgery and it was helped as I had about 16 to make it back to my apartment. This time I would have about 6 to make it to my elevator to get to my  condo afterward.

Day Of Surgery 

8:00 Woke up

9:00 Washed dishes

10:00 Drop off a package to be returned to UPS

11:00 Took my last walk before my road to recovery

11:30 Had the last of some clear liquids before I was NPO- nothing to eat or drink

12:00 Finished last minute straightening up of my place

1:00 Showered and got dressed. I purchased some track pants for ease with brace and dressing after surgery. 

2:00 One of my friends picked me up. I grabbed my ID, brace, Ice pack, crutches  

2:45 Arrived at the hospital and got checked in

3:00 Was escorted to my room, where I stripped, put all my belonging in a bags and waited. I also signed my consent forms. In the midst of taking care of everything I neglected to charge my phone. One of the nurses was nice enough to charge it for me. 

3:30 IV was started, and SCD- sequential compression devices was placed on right calf to aide in circulation of good leg during the surgery.

4:00 I watched CNN as they counted the electoral votes for the final certification of the Presidential election results

4:30 My surgeon came and marked my leg .The anesthesiologist, anesthesia resident, and the operating room nurse  came and interviewed me. 

4:45 I was rolled to the operating room and I was given versed- the best IV cocktail ever. I was out

7:00 I woke up and saw my recovery nurse who was amazing. My surgeon talked to me but I don’t have a clue what he said. I gave him a thumbs up. I felt like I had too many cocktails. I finally completely woke up. The nurses told me I tried to flash everyone by trying to get up. Of course I don’t remember. I passed the tests–was awake/alert/oriented, used the bathroom, and my pain was controlled–in order to go home.. My nurse went over my discharge instructions. She told me I was partial weight bearing. That was a good sign. My recovery would be easier versus non-weight bearing. She told me that my surgeon informed me to text him to get the details as I was still under anesthesia when he talked to me. So I had no recollection of it .

7:45 My friend picked me up. I almost fell getting out of the car.  I hobbled up the stairs and made it to my place. 

8:00 I called, texted friends and family. Managed to eat and took some pain medication. 

9:00 I realized my August 70.3 bag is a God send. I can carry items hands free and the bag is small enough to fit snuggly on my back. 

9:30 My doctor texted me and told me the final verdict— lateral meniscus tear, chondral injury, and small avulsion from part of my ACL. 

I lived, and now the real work begins. The road to recovery has begun. 

Stay tuned plan to do a detailed podcast explained how I was injured and all the conservative treatment I had prior to surgery, also with details of my road to recovery

List of a few items I found helpful after surgery

  1. Ezprotekt Large Rolling Laundry Hamper

2 Seal-Tight Adult Freedom Cast Protector Waterproof Cast Cover Leg Cast and Bandage Cover

3 AROVA Rolling Cart

4. AquaSense Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair

5. Maxtop Large Camo Fanny Pack

6. Post Surgery Tearaway Pants

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