Breaking Down Barriers with Level Up Cycling  with Erica Davis

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Blog

When you hear Level-Up, your first thought would be Ciara, but  today I’m here to introduce to you a movement for cycling spearheaded by an entrepreneur named Erica with the same name. Erica Davis, a long-time enthusiast of Cycling, is here today to tell us how she built– the Level Up Cycling Movement.

With a background in business management and entrepreneurship, Erica is no stranger to the dedication and time needed to make the dream work. With her skills now combined with passion, her movement has gained traction for it’s openness and inclusivity for minorities– striving to ensure that all are welcome in such a white-dominated sport.

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Episode Highlights:

  • How Erica started cyclingErica’s first group in cycling
  • The culture of cycling clubs
  • How Erica becoming the first black cycling agent
  • Why she started ChocLIT Pedals

Guest Bio:

Erica Davis, a Florida native, is far more than the average entrepreneur. With a bachelor’s degree in business management and a minor in entrepreneurship, she started her career in banking. In addition to her numerous professional titles, she started consulting and began to fund new ventures. She further integrated financial health and wisdom to the home by developing a financial education program for all, which was adopted by Community Redevelopment Agencies. Her program taught inner city residents and families how to use credit and banking to form a sustainable lifestyle. 

It is of no surprise although she started cycling as a leisure activity, quickly  she developed  a charge to do her part for all to have access to cycling, on all levels. The deficiency of diversity amongst groups and club rides as well as organized events caused Erica to ask hard questions, research and conclude the sport she had grown to love, had a void in representation.

With determination in tow, she launched and serves as President of Level Up Cycling Movement, Inc., a non profit organization and nationwide movement dedicated to introducing the health benefits of cycling to minority communities as well as to create a clear path to Professional cycling at the highest level. Inspired by hard working, talented young racers with big dreams to become professional cyclists, Erica knew the mission of Level Up was not, in itself, enough

In 2019 she became the first black female (maybe first black ever) UCI Professional Rider Agent. This prestigious achievement allows her sports company, Shine World Sports, to sign, recruit, promote and place riders in jobs that expand across the world. Immediately thereafter, she facilitated the process for one of those aspiring young cyclists to become the first woman of color to race for a International Professional Women’s team,  at the world level. 

In partnership with the Williams Brothers of Legion of LA, she  launched Miami Blazrs, a national Elite Men’s Race team with the goal to provide equal access to high level American racing. Erica also created and launched ChocLIT Pedals, a women’s ride experience, providing a safe place to nurture, appreciate and celebrate women who seek out the tools of cycling in order to transform their lives and the lives of their families. 

In all that she does, Erica’s mission is to create space and culture for minorities in the sport of cycling because she understands each bike ride can save a life. She hopes to encourage, not only women, but also youth of color and other minority groups as they discover their passion, and take their first step onto the path of fulfillment, gaining the happiness and success they deserve. 

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