Dr. Catrise Austin- Cosmetic Dentist for CardiB! How an Orthodontist Changed Her Life

by | May 5, 2021 | Blog

Taking care of celebrities isn’t something just anyone can do– but there’s no harm in reaching for the stars.

Joining  me today is Dr. Cartise Austin, a dentist who did reach the stars in more ways than one tells how an orthodontist changed her life.  In this episode, she’ll share with us how what started as a way to improve her smile gave her inspiration and motivation  to start her own movement.  She started her practice and built up a brand that wiped out her competition. Despite her lack of background in marketing, Dr. Austin built her knowledge by listening and learning to those she hired and worked around her as well as reading books. 

As she picked up on marketing strategies and tools, Dr. Austin was able to build her foundation and finally got the opportunity of a lifetime with her publicist to show her skills on television and printed media, letting her work speak for itself. She now not only takes care of celebrities, she educates others in business, and gives tips so everyone can have a radiant smile. 

If you need motivation, then this episode is definitely going to be a source of inspiration for you to make it to your finish life in any area of life.

Episode Highlights:

  • Cartise’s tips to whiten your teeth
  • What are veneers
  • Her book, How to Become a Celebrity Doctor
  • What are  her common procedures now
  • Some of her celebrity clients
  • Sports Dentistry and tips to protect your smile while doing those sports you love

Guest Bio:

Dr. Catrise Austin is a dentist to the stars and an entrepreneur in her own right. With her passion for dentistry going back as far as when she was 15, Dr. Austin knew that early on just what she wanted to be.

Earning her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Michigan and her doctorate in dental surgery from the University of Maryland, she then moved to New York City where her life changed forever. With the completion of her dental training and working a few jobs, she was given advice to start her own practice– which she did later down the line.

After building her clientele of celebrities, she started appearing on shows and receiving multiple shout-outs that added to her reputation as a dentist to the stars– all backed up by her amazing work.

Connect with Dr. Centrise Austin:

Find a Sports Dentist in your Area :

Marketing Resources Mentioned


Brendon Burchard 

Gary Vaynerchuk


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