Sika Henry – Dreams Do Come True

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Podcast

In this week’s episode, my guest is the first professional, black female triathlete.  I couldn’t be more proud of her! Sika Henry has obtained her pro card at Challenge Cancun, which is a half Ironman distance race. She was the third overall, amateur female. Prior to this race, she also competed in challenge Miami. So listen how she was determined, and did not let obstacles stand in her way. It’s amazing how, despite having a tragic injury, she came back and completed her goals. She did not let the obstacles prevent her from making it to her finish line.

Episode Highlights:

  • Know what you want and start acting on it.
  • Obstacles make you stronger.
  • If you want to do something, make a goal and set out to achieve it. 
  • Keep moving and stay motivated despite setbacks until you have reached your goal. 
  • Enlist help to reach your goals

Guest Bio:

Sika Henry is a competitive professional triathlete, and a corporate analyst based in Newport News, Virginia. She currently works as a full time analyst for Ferguson enterprises. She grew up just outside of New York City. She was a swimmer in high school and a collegiate high jumper. Sika became an NCAA, all American in track and field who earned her Bachelors of Science in economics from Tufts University. She is a 2019 Ironman World Championship finisher, five time Ironman 70.3 age group podium winner and a two time marathon champion. She has been featured in USA triathlon magazine and The Washington Post. She is very passionate about increasing diversity within the sport of triathlon. African Americans presently only make up 5% of a sport.  Sika’s goal was to earn her Pro Card in triathlon. She did that at her last race. She is an example that with hard work, determination, that dreams do come true. She continues  being an advocate for diversity. I can’t wait to see what else Sika Henry accomplishes. 

Connect with Sika Henry:

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