What Are Your Reasons Why

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Podcast

What are your reasons why? Determining your why gives you purpose, motivation, determination, discipline, and consistently. It reminds you of your direction. The key to developing a “Why” is the best way to ensure you are making progress towards your goals and avoid setbacks toward those goals. So, what is my Why? In this episode, I shared my why’s in terms of sports, particularly triathlons.

Episode Highlights:

  • My triathlon journey over the years
  • FOMO the reason why I signed up for Tulsa IronMan 
  • Effects of the pandemic  on my athlete life
  • Anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre 
  • Celebration that black people can freely race, and have overcome so many obstacles
  • Details of IronMan Tulsa from a Spectator who is also a Triathlete 

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