How Sports Can Change Your Life with Roderick Sewell

by | Jun 18, 2021 | Podcast

In this week’s episode, I am privileged to have been entrusted with Roderick Sewell’s story. He was born with a condition called Tibial Hemimelia. Against all odds, Roderick Sewell succeeded. He not only succeeded he became a Paralympian, an Ironman World Champion finisher. He inspires in everything he does. His story is amazing. Sports literally changed his life, listen to his inspirational story 

Episode Highlights:

  • What is Tibial Hemimelia?  
  • How Roderick conquered his limitations and thrived in sports
  • How Challenged Athletic Foundation discovered Roderick and supported him from the time he was eight years ago
  • Learn how Roderick who  afraid to swim learned to swim and qualified for Team USA 
  • Listen how swimming increase his endurance so much that he completed the half marathon of his first 70.3 triathlon in less than two hours. 

Guest Bio:

Roderick Sewell is Paralympian as well as an  Ironman World Champion finisher. His  history is significant for having both of his legs amputated before his second birthday because he was born without tibias ( lower leg bones). He was born with a condition called Tibial Hemimelia, also known as Tibial Deficiency.

Sewer’s mother eventually quit her job that she worked at for 20 years on a naval base and filed for unemployment to ensure that he had full coverage for his prosthetic legs, however, took a toll on the family financially. 

It was at this time that he found the Challenged Athletes Organization or CAF. CAF is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for people with physical challenges to play sports. Prior to CAF, he never considered sports because of the prosthesis that he had. After he was exposed to CAF, the different possibilities and sports became apparent.

CAF has been supporting Roderick since with training equipment, race fees and travel agents from eight until now. It is because of them that he found sports and it transformed his life. 

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