The Importance of Listening to Your Body with Dr. Dayo Kuku

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Podcast

⁠Dr. Kuku message in this episode is to listen to your body. If she had not she would no longer be here with us. Her story is one of persistence and knowing when to ask for more. Life is a journey, and often time we are our first and best advocate when it comes to health.

Episode Highlights:

  • Who is Dr. Dayo Kuku?
  • What Does It Mean to Listen to Your Body 
  • Difference between  Health Systems
  • Finding Your Passion and Purpose in Life 
  • How Faith Is Instrumental when it comes to Health 

Guest Bio:

Dr. Dayo Kuku is known as Dr.K. She is a general practitioner in the United Kingdom. She is a widow and a mother of two wonderful daughters and a cancer survivor.  She is a very religious woman, aside from calling a friend she called to GOD.  She listened to her  body when she knew that something was wrong.   She always says that “Do not give up, do not give up. God has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness.

She is a leader within the National Health Services, NHS and a dynamic public speaker. She is actively involved in decisions and policy making within the National Health Services. She speaks at conferences, seminars, and radio shows, and host weekly education information on her social medial platforms. Her major platform is Healing Beyond Health Care, the intersection of faith and medicine. She is  passionate about all things regarding women’s health, contraception and cervical health, health promotion, and COVID-19. Her mission is to provide health education so people can make informed decisions concerning their health. So they can live their best life, body, and spirit, I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. K on a COVID 19 panel. 

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