It’s OK Not To Be Ok

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Podcast

In this episode, I  talk about mental health. It’s okay not to be okay. Initially, I started running to help me lose weight because I was clinically depressed after my mother passed away with breast cancer and with the emotional eating I gained about twenty pounds. 

I found that it was not only good for my body, but it was good for my mind and my spirit. It became a part of my therapy.

Join me today to listen to my story about NOT being OK, and why listening to your body can save your life.

Episode Highlights:

  • The Olympics and mental health of participants
  • What we can learn from Simone Biles withdrawal from the Olympics
  • How Covid has affected us all, and my personal experience
  • My knee injury, shoulder injury and saddle sores (and a bike crash!)
  • How slowing down from sports has affected me mentally
  • The importance of listening to your body

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