Dillon Shije – The Native Runner: Professional Runner, Health Advocate, Community Leader

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Podcast

How far would you go to fight for your dreams? For Dillon Shije, running has always been a part of his culture and tradition and now he’s on a journey to become the first medical doctor in his community.

Dillon’s love for running and his Native American Community has literally taken him to the White house. He has been featured in the news, magazines and in a documentary

Life was not always has not always been great for Dillon. A dark time in his life led him to depression after suffering from injuries.  Dillion shares why there is a need for mental health practitioners specializing in helping Native Americans, and others from diverse backgrounds.

If you need inspiration for chasing your wildest dreams, this episode is for you.

 Episode Highlights:

  • The spiritual aspect of running
  • Becoming one of the top Native American runners in the country in high school
  • How resilience got him into the University of Colorado
  • Being honored at the White House and meeting President Obama
  • How a nerve impingement impacted his running career
  • Battling depression and seeking therapy
  • Using education as a tool to empower the community
  • His goal for young Native Americans in the country
  • Why he wants to be a doctor 

Guest Bio

Dillon is a prior Professional Runner and Division I Cross Country National Champion (honored at the White House during the Obama Administration) and advocate for visibility for Indigenous Runners and Athletes. Dillon Shije is currently a Wilma Mankiller Fellow with the National Congress of American Indians specializing in Government Relations. He also serves the All Pueblo Council of Governors as a Health Policy Advisor to the 20 Pueblo Indian Tribes of New Mexico and Texas. Prior to this,Dillon was a Partner in an Impact Consultancy called Zia Impact. He is also the  founding Board Member of Pueblo Development Commission. He is a Councilman and an enrolled tribal member and looks forward to a lifetime of serving his home community and relatives in all capacities. Dillon holds dual Bachelors degrees in History and Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado – Boulder and Pre-Med Postbaccalaureate work from the University of New Mexico.

Connect with Dillon 

Visit his website here

Instagram @thenativerunner

Runner’s Run Article: My Run Streak Helps Helps Me Build Endurance 

Run to the East- Documentary 

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