Max Fennell: The First But He Doesn’t Plan to Be the Last

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Podcast

Max Fennell is the first African American professional triathlete to earn his pro card. A former soccer player, Max stumbled upon the sport of triathlon in a coffee shop, of all places. After a year of racing, he was addicted.

He is also the CEO of Fenn Coffee which provides premium coffee to elite athletes, weekend warriors, nature lovers, and adventure seekers. 

In this episode, we delve into sports, entrepreneurship, archery and why he writes 10 goals each morning.

If you need inspiration for starting over, no matter your age, this episode is for you.

 Episode Highlights:

  • His background in soccer
  • How a knee injury accidentally got him into endurane sports
  • Becoming a professional triathlete
  • The importance of writing down your goals
  • Running for State Office in Menlo Park
  • Why archery and hunting have a deeper meaning to him 
  • Why we should all spend more time in nature
  • How Fenn Coffee was born

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