Anniversary Special: Reginald Smith – How Running Saved His Life

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Podcast

Today is a very special day for a number of reasons. It’s my anniversary. One year ago today, I launched “Running Is Cheaper Than Therapy Podcast”. The day is also significant, in that it is the day that my mother passed away with breast cancer, October 27 2008. 

I decided to launch the podcast as a way to celebrate her memory versus being sad. She inspired me to be the woman I am today. So today, I honor the late great Mae Robinson Brown. 

This week’s guest is Reginald Smith. We both started seriously running after a family member passed. For me, it was my mother. For him, It was his oldest brother. Following the death of his brother, he started to love running. 

Over the years he has increased his distance, as well as his overall knowledge of running. Reggie also has a love of black history, and he seeks to represent black stories while running.

If running has helped you overcome personal tribulations, tune in!

 Episode Highlights:

  • Why Reginald joined the Navy
  • Losing his older brother to gun violence
  • How Reggie started running to lose weight and cope with grief
  • Why the New York City marathon remains his favorite race so far
  • What’s on his running bucket list
  • His most significant running injury
  • How he represents black stories while running
  • Seeking therapy during his divorce and why therapy matters

Guest Bio

Reginald Smith has always been a runner, given that he’s a Navy veteran. After the death of his oldest brother, he gained a significant amount of weight. He discovered his love of running during the time that he was running to get back into Navy weight standards. Over the years, he increased the distance he runs as well as increased his knowledge of running. Moreover, Reginald has a love of Black history and seeks to represent Black stories while running. This lead to the start of a tee shirt design business that has done well. Reginald is the proud father of two daughters and a proud alumni of Florida A&M University.

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