Dominique King: Lean In With The King– A Lesson on Running, Marriage and Family

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Podcast

Dominique King  discovered healing through therapy, and running was a vital part of it. Dominque’s goal is to reach people like her that are looking for a platform that deals with everyday issues of running, marriage and family. Through her platform “Lean In With The King” she shares experiences, advice while offering support.

Her mantra is, ‘I live everything that I do with with two things, find your dirt and connect and more importantly be well; you are worthy.’

 Episode Highlights: 

  • Why Dominique started running with a healthier mindset
  • Road running versus trail running
  • Dealing with harassment while road running as a woman
  • How to keep safe while trail running and recommendations
  • The best way to use your taser while running, especially for women
  • Her scariest experiences while trail running
  • How running with her husband has changed their relationship.

Guest Bio

Dominique has always been a runner. Running has intertwined itself in her life at various stages. Growing up she used running as a way to escape her home environment. She used to run and walk between towns trying to make sense of why things shook out the way they did for me. In her older years running was her way of maintaining an unhealthy view of what she thought her body should be. The beautiful chapter of her run journey began the moment she decided she wanted to live. She started extending herself grace. The grace that she now tells everyone else to do for themselves. She discovered healing through therapy and running was a vital part of it.
She also has a website, a blog, and a podcast.

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