India Cook: Running Coach and Advocate Who Is Working To Change The Landscape Of Running

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Podcast

If you run, you’re a runner. One of the  favorite mantras shared by this week’s guest.

India Cook started running to lose weight in 2008 and running has become so much to her since she started her journey.  Since her beginning she has identified and addressed gaps in visibility and representation for women of color.

She coaches independently and also coaches with a non-profit organization, Active Resolute Connected (ARC) . Through content creation, she inspires and empowers runners on her YouTube channel and her podcast.

We discuss how she started running, her growth and various opportunities that have been presented to her.  This episode with India will motivate you whatever your running goals are for the new year. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • How India started running 
  • Her background as a cheerleader
  • Her favorite marathon
  • How she got into coaching
  • What running has taught her
  • The focus behind her YouTube channel and podcast
  • What’s on her running bucket list

Guest Bio

Meet Coach India

Hello! I am India Cook, an avid Atlanta based runner, YouTube vlogger, podcast host, and RRCA certified run coach. I have a love for running and racing, but I also have a passion for encouraging and guiding runners and those who aspire to become runners. I coach independently and I am also a run coach with a non-profit organization A.R.C., Active Resolute Connected. This organization empowers women through running and helps to break mental and physical barriers. A.R.C. aligns with my belief that if you run, you are a runner.

My running journey started in 2008 on the quest to lose weight and also engage in a healthy social activity. Since 2008 I have completed distances from 5K to marathons. Throughout my running journey, I observed that there were limited running resources created by women of color to help individuals get into running or resources for those already engaged in the sport. Therefore, I developed a vlog “Miles From India” on YouTube. The vlog’s purpose is to educate, inspire, and motivate runners. Viewers can find tips and how-to videos that aid in helping runners navigate running effectively. Within the running community I also find it important to ensure diverse running experiences and stories are highlighted. In 2018, I became a podcast host of, The Run Duo Podcast, with my co-host, Tommy Mitchell. On our bi-weekly podcast we talk about all things  running as we educate and entertain our listeners and also interview casual to elite runners.

With a focus on helping ladies run confidently in any phase of their run journey, my background in mental health not only allows me to have a positive and healthy relationship with running, but it also enables me to help athletes build a similar relationship as well. I find it essential to make the sport of running less intimidating and relatable for all levels. I will continue to use my training, experience and voice to guide others in the community of running through coaching. I take the approach that everyone’s journey is unique, and we should celebrate every step, stride and mile. I believe that running not only boosts physical health, but it also rejuvenates your mind and fuels confidence.

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