Camille Baptiste: A Triathlete Who Has Vowed To Keep The Fun In Racing. Fitness + Friends = Fun

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Podcast

Episode Overview

Where did the fun go? Have you ever felt you ‘don’t fit in’ when participating in a local sports event? You are not alone.

Camille Baptiste is the fun director behind Swim, Bike, Run Fun Events. When training for the races became more important than enjoying the race, she knew something had to change.

She puts on fun races for women where community overrides competition. It is a safe space for women who love endurance sports and need the fun with friends too! Something that is much needed.

She is a mother, wife, entrepreneur and all-around fun gal who loves to laugh, dance, swim, bike, run, hike, and mentored those to achieve their goals in entrepreneurship, multi-sports and cycling. 

We discuss how she started running, why she started her business, her life-changing injury and the importance of injecting fun at sports events.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Playing Double Dutch 
  • How she got into endurance sports
  • Why triathlons and sports mean to her
  • Learning to ride the bike past the age of 30
  • Falling out of love with triathlons
  • How Swim, Bike, Run Fun Events was born
  • A life-changing injury 
  • Her favorite races and future plans

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