Dawn Angelique Roberts: Running Coach Who Learned The Importance of Listening To Her Body and Being An Advocate For Her Own Health

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Podcast

Listen to your body because your body is always talking to you. The day Dawn paid attention to stubborn chest pain is the day she saved her life. That’s why she is still here today.

80% of heart disease can be prevented. 

Eating right and exercising often is not enough. Dawn advocates for a regular check-up. As an athlete, she was a most unlikely candidate for heart disease. By knowing and understanding her body, she was determined to know the root cause of her chest pain.

Listen to learn more about her running experience, surviving her heart condition, advocating for your body and how to find the right doctor. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Her running experience since middle school
  • Her favorite race
  • How she got into coaching and race management
  • Her health scare in 2019
  • Why her persistence saved her life
  • Knowing your body and advocating for your body

Guest Bio: 

Dawn Angelique Roberts is an energetic detail-oriented team player and an award-winning communication professional with over 25 years of experience in journalism, media relations, sports marketing and event management.

Roberts is the owner of Elite Access Running, a full-service race management and wellness company that specializes in event management, public relations, social media and wellness for athletes, organizations, and premier races.

As a USATF certified coach Roberts provides one-on-one and group coaching for runners, pace team coordination for races and her company Elite Access Travel organizes destination races for athletes and organizations.

A native of Philadelphia, Roberts is passionate about running and traveling, and enjoys encouraging and teaching youth and adults the values of healthy living and active lifestyles.

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