Eric Carson Explains How He Became An Avid Cyclist Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Podcast

Eric Carson has been living an active lifestyle since the 90s that most of us would be happy to emulate.

He started cycling just to get to campus and back. A friend of his asked him to do a 25-mile bike ride. He thought it was a long way back then.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought him back to cycling, and it became a good addiction and a lifestyle.Carson says his greatest joy out of cycling is camaraderie. He enjoys having a great time outdoors with his tribe.

Episode Highlights:  

  • How Eric  got into cycling
  • How he moved from solo rides to cycling with groups
  • Getting his motorcycle in 2001
  • How a sports group changes as members change with time
  • Struggling to stay active when Covid hit in 2020
  • Cycling again for the pleasure of meeting friends and having a great time
  • How to get into cycling and find your cycling tribe

Guest Bio:

Eric was  borned and  raised in Stamford Ct. He  has one brother. Played all three major sports in high school (football, baseball, & basketball)

He received my BS in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University. While there, he had my first introduction to casual biking. He commuted  back and forth to campus and work. He did one 25 mile ride at a request of a friend. and thought that was crazy.

He started taking it a little more seriously in the early 90s and did a few multiple sclerosis rides from Richmond to Williamsburg (160 miles over 2 days). That stretch in the 90s culminated in doing one of the Aids Bike Rides in 1997…..a 4 day 365 mile ride from Raleigh NC to Washington DC. He found it very fulfilling.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought him back to cycling, and it became a good addiction and a lifestyle.

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Resources Mentioned

City Bikes in DC Area

DMV Adventure Crew

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