Andrew Williams: The Non-Traditional Athlete Who Has Excelled In All Aspects Of Endurance Sports

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Podcast

Andrew Williams  was very active in sports as a child.  As he grew older he was more focused on academics.  After he got married, and the birth of his first child he gained weight. It was at that time that he started focusing on running to lose weight . His inspiration to complete a Full Distance Ironman race was born after watching Dick and Rick Hoyt (Team Hoyt) on ESPN.

Andrew refers to himself as an unconventional triathlete. He will not miss a family event for training nor is he attached to any training programs.

He believes racing is about showing his family that you can set goals and achieve them. All it takes is discipline and dedication.

Listen and learn about how Andrew stays disciplined in this sport and how he became comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Episode Highlights:  

  • All the sports Andrew enjoyed playing as a child
  • Building his physical endurance by running
  • How he progressed to longer races
  • Completing his first Ironman 70.3  race in Augusta
  • What new triathletes can learn on discipline and commitment
  • Staying committed to his family and to the sport

Guest Bio: 

Andrew was born and raised in Racine, WI. Throughout his childhood, he was very active in sports  with a primary focus on Basketball. After freshman year he decided to concentrate on academics. During college and early in marriage fitness was not his primary focus either.  He got up to 250 lbs during his wife’s pregnancy in 2002 and decided to join a gym at that time. His inspiration to complete a Full Distance Ironman race was struck after watching Triathletes Dick and Rick Hoyt (Team Hoyt) on ESPN.

After moving to Atlanta, his friend Reggie mentioned that he did some short distance triathlon races and he just completed IM Augusta 70.3 and suggested that it was a great race for newer triathletes.

After completing Augusta, he felt ready to take on his bucket list item and signed up for Ironman Chattanooga in 2016. Fast forward to 2022, Andrew has completed 7 Full Distance Ironman Races and multiple 70.3. 

It is a lifestyle for him. He shares this journey with his wife and kids. They come to most of his races and are very proud and excited to see him race. He is an unconventional triathlete who’s never had a coach and any training plan.

His family always comes first. Andrew has mastered the discipline of being able to stay out on a Friday night, drink and enjoy life and get up Saturday morning at 5:00 am for a 6-hour bike ride. 

He coaches little league baseball, volunteers at his kids’ school and manages a Global Team and travels for work. This is what “Anything is Possible” means for Andrew.

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