Khadijah Diggs: What is DISK and How It Will Ultimately Impact The Sport of Triathlon

by | Mar 30, 2022 | Podcast

We discuss in-depth her journey into coaching, her recent award nominations, creating her legacy strategy, working with less represented women in sports and how cancer has impacted  her life.

“Sometimes we have no choice but to be  first.” Khadijah Diggs is back on the podcast to talk about her recent award nominations and notable achievements. She created the Diversity Infusion Syndicate ( DISK) to promote excellence and sisterhood as well as promote a positive image of women and Islam in general, and to diversify the landscape of triathlon. 

She is the first African-American woman to be a member of the U.S. Long Course Triathlon Team and the first women wearing a Hijabi to represent the U.S. in any Multisport event. 

We discuss in-depth her journey into coaching, her recent award nominations, creating her legacy strategy, working with less represented women in sports and how cancer has impacted  her life.

Episode Highlights:  

  • Getting nominated for several awards as a triathlete and a trailblazer
  • Getting certified as a USAT Certified Coach
  • Creating the Diversity Infusion Syndicate- DISK
  • The remarkable women who have joined Khadijah’s program
  • Candidate assessment to join DISK.
  • Partnerships and sponsorships for her brand
  • Losing her loved ones to cancer and why she races to raise cancer awareness
  • Various races: Completing Iron Man races, her first international race in Cuba

Guest Bio:

Khadijah is a Mother, Project Manager and a Team USA and Silver Ironman All-World Triathlete.  Her MISSION is to Promote a Positive Image of Women and Islam in General through Sports.

“Training and racing started off as my therapy to recover from a failing marriage and the loss of loved ones due to cancer. It has remained that but has also become how I express myself and share who I am as Muslim, a Mother and a Woman.” Her GOAL is to open dialogue and connect women of all backgrounds on a personal level by sharing common experiences, joys and struggles through healthy living, group training and healthy competition. “I have learned traveling all over the country and the World to race, that at the core, we are more the same than different.  The struggles of motherhood and just being female are universal and it binds us as women.”

During the pandemic Khadijah started organizing  Get-Togethers open to everyone, to discuss common and not so common endurance athlete topics. “It was an  amazing opportunity for experienced triathletes to share experiences with new triathletes. It’s like having everyone over, just online. These webinars are located on  YouTube Channel or on Google Podcasts and are very informative.

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Listen to Khadijah’s earlier podcast episode: 

Changing The World One Race At a Time

Resources Mentioned

Outspoken: Women in Triathlon Summit

Diversity Infusion Syndicate

Women in Triathlon Awards

Tri Serena

American Cancer Society

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