Ask The Doctor: What Is Microfracture Surgery?

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Podcast

I’ve been running since 2010. I sustained my major first knee injury following three marathons in three months in 2012.. I wanted to be a marathon maniac. 

My right knee never got better despite conservative treatment, which consisted of therapy, cortisone injection, hyaluronic acid or gel injections, so I ultimately had surgery in 2013. 

Following that knee surgery, my right knee returned to its  pre-injury status. I was able to return to running and since have run three marathons, and a plethora of other races. 

In March 2020, I was ski racing and I was a little too aggressive and fell and injured my left knee. After months of conservative treatment which consisted of the same treatment I did on my right knee it never got better. I finally got an MRI. The MRI revealed a partial ACL tear, a lateral meniscus tear and a cartilage injury. In December 2020 I underwent surgery to repair my ACL, address my meniscus tear and cartilage injury.

My knee never was 100 percent but I did progress to running intervals. In 2021 during my college homecoming  my knee really started bothering me again. I sought another opinion as I couldn’t run and I had races to do. . I was found to have a  full thickness cartilage lesion following another MRI.. In order to return to running I would need to have another surgery. Tune in to learn the type of knee t surgery I underwent- microfracture.

Episode Highlights:  

  • Various knee injuries 
  • Treatments for knee injuries 
  • When to see a specialists following an injury 
  • Various surgeries for knee injuries
  • What exactly is microfracture surgery?
  • What restrictions are required following microfracture surgery?

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