Kimberle Smith Austin Explains Why Health Is Wealth

by | May 11, 2022 | Podcast

From the boardroom to the pavement Kimberle Smith is an accomplished coach. Who has helped many businesses thrive and also trained many people to achieve their athletic and fitness goals.  She is also a  published author of the book Millions of Possibilities; Taking your Ideas from Inspiration to Monetization.

She believes that business coaching and fitness/health coaching are basically the same thing with the only difference being the product. She is an accomplished marathoner, ultramarathoner, triathlete, conquering many personal feats.

We discuss in-depth her journey into coaching, her journey as an athlete, her approach to nutrition and fitness, among many other things.

Episode Highlights:  

  • What drives Kimberle Smith to achieve such crazy goals. 
  • How she got involved in sports and fitness 
  • Her start in coaching  and all its challenges
  • Kimberle Smith as a  marathoner and her 5-year streak
  • What kinds of food Kimberlie uses to fuel
  • Kimberle start as  a triathlete
  • KImberle’s background in business coaching
  • Kimberle’s reflections and general advice 

Guest Bio:

Kimberle Smith Austin is an accomplished strategist, consultant, and coach with over 25 years of experience across multiple disciplines from the BoardRoom to the Playground guiding professionals on their journey to build robust organizations and lifestyles.

Kimberle Smith Austin has successfully launched eight businesses since 1999 and is very passionate about creating systems and solutions to address the marketplace needs. With multi-platform experience, Kimberle transforms all of the “New Science” of business and health into programs that are simple, easy, and fun! With her unique background and formal training, she has distinguished herself as a one-of-a-kind “real world” expert who helps professionals take their business, life, and health to the NEXT LEVEL.

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