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by | May 18, 2022 | Podcast

Episode Overview: Diversity and Inclusion of People with Disabilities 

Following my knee injury, I have had major surgeries that have put my leg out of service for weeks. The latest one will have me on crutches for six weeks. In this episode, we explore how this temporary disability has impacted my life and opened my eyes to the challenges of living with a disability.

As a black woman, the issue of diversity especially in triathlons has haunted me for a long time. I also struggle with the same issues in my work where my career as an orthopedic surgeon is dominated by white men.  These last two years have been most especially so what with the death of George Floyd.

Though most places and events have handicap parking reservations, many do not put into close consideration the requirements for such places. The spots are sometimes far from the entrance and the handicapped person has to go over hurdles to access the building or event. At a marathon once, the wheelchairs had to be driven across the mud. And it’s not just the parking spots, other amenities such as handicap toilets and sanitary amenities, building and transport access ways, fire equipment and so on must also be considered.

Sometimes, where the parking spots are appropriately placed close to the building, other people without handicaps take advantage of such spots leaving the deserving people to suffer and so your consideration is asked. And for organizers and managers to have handicap-sensitive people in their teams.

Disabled people are not looking for handouts. They want to be as productive and independent as they can. Having these considerations for them will help them become highly productive members of the community, inspiring athletes, and so on.

Episode Highlights:  

  • Note of thanks for the final episode
  • How diversity and inclusion became so important to me
  • People with disabilities and inclusion
  • My experience living with a temporary disability
  • Inspiring athletes with disabilities
  • How you can be more sensitive to people living with disabilities

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