Who or What is Your Inspiration?

by | Jul 13, 2022 | Podcast

As we go into a new season, let me start by thanking everyone who has taken even a minute of their time to listen to my podcast. It has been a challenging journey balancing podcasting with a full-time job and other adventures and I have learned a lot along the way. 

I am a strong black woman who may act as if nothing bothers me, but life sometimes sucks and we all need inspiration. My podcast is called Running is Cheaper Than Therapy. It features runners, triathletes, other athletes, and others who have overcome obstacles to make it to their finish lines. This episode I will talk about inspiration. 

The pandemic is prayerfully  largely behind us and life is slowly getting back to normal. Although COVID is still here.  A few weeks ago I thought I caught COVID again. It ended up being a sinus infection.  I’m still in rehab following my surgery. It is such a slow process. 

I am feeling rather frustrated as I want to be doing my usual summer activities as it has been three years since we had a normal summer in Chicago. I would love to go cycling with my cycling club and triathlon club, and to go running on the lakefront. 

Amid all these stresses, I’ve found myself thinking of my mother Mae Robinson Brown.. She was the best mom one could hope for and she pushed me to excel in everything I put my mind to. She was a selfless pillar of the community, a legend in my hometown of Brookhaven Mississippi. 

My mother always inspired me to excel in  everything, and her health challenges motivated me to always strive to be healthy and be active. 

Episode Highlights:  

  • Note of thanks for the continued support of the podcast
  • Some of the stresses I have been facing lately
  • My continued inspiration; my mother.
  • My early life with my mom and her community work
  • My vow to always promote health and wellness 

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