Zsa Zsa Porter Explains How She Conquered Fear and Doubt to Become a Runner, Ironman Triathlete, and so Much More.

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Podcast

Episode Overview

Zsa Zsa Porter is an exceptional friend, an avid runner, a member of Black Girls Run, and a vegan restaurant owner. Her mission is to encourage women, young girls who dream big, her story reminds us that anything is possible.

Zsa-Zsa has made it her life’s work to impact her community which has led her from the financial services industry to opening the Exposed Vegan Restaurant. Through the restaurant, she has created some of the best plant-based cuisines proving that a vegan diet can, not only be very delicious but also fuel the highest fitness performance levels.

We discuss in-depth her journey from a troubled youth, through struggles with weight gain and into life as a triathlete and the role of her family and friends in the journey.

Episode Highlights:      

  • How Zsa-Zsa got her name and the fearless mentality behind it.
  • Jump back in history to her school days and becoming a swimmer.
  • Injury on a bicycle and lessons learnt from the experience.
  • Time to start running after a long hiatus.
  • Zsa-Zsa enrolls herself and her husband for a race she isn’t prepared for.
  • Her daughter and friends get her through some tough races.
  • Full distance iron-man.
  • Let’s open a vegan restaurant.
  • Some challenges Zsa-Zsa has endured.

Guest Bio:

Zsa-Zsa Porter went from someone held

down by personal insecurities and weight gain to becoming an avid runner,

triathlete, and restaurateur. Zsa-Zsa is on a mission to encourage women and young girls to dream big and reach for the stars.

Zsa-Zsa’s story reminds us that Anything is Possible. She is always willing to share her failures and lessons learned. It’s this burning desire to positively impact her community that led her to open Exposed Vegan Restaurant. As a restaurateur, Zsa-Zsa created a West Charlotte hotspot, serving fresh and nourishing plant-based cuisine. From smoothies to bowls loaded with sweet potatoes, and even cookies she’s exposing how delicious vegan food can be when done correctly.

Her goal is to show how a well-planned vegan diet can fuel the highest performance fitness levels while reducing risks of injury and chronic diseases.

Zsa-Zsa leverages her unique experiences as an African American female entrepreneur, restaurant owner, digital executive, and Ironman triathlete to motivate and activate her community. She is also a proud military spouse and mother of 3 children, she truly understands the importance of balancing family and life.

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