A Tribute to The Late Darrell Freeman Sr.

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Podcast

A Tribute to The Late Darrell Freeman Sr.

I was unfortunate to learn that my friend and fellow triathlete, Darrell Freeman Sr. had passed on the evening of June 28 2022. This episode was very difficult for me to record with all the memories of the Algae Dancer flooding me. I only ever met him twice but we kept in touch on social media and we were arranging for me to host him on this podcast when I received the bad news. 

Darrel was the first person in his family to graduate from college and somehow he became a self-made millionaire, a pilot, and a two-term chair of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce. 

After achieving a GPA of 1.234, he transferred to Middle Tennessee State University and ultimately graduated with a master’s. Armed with his wife’s $2,000 credit card, he built an IT business from a closet to eventually sell it for twenty million dollars. He has invested and mentored in many other companies and hosted an airborne podcast named Cockpit Conversations.

In triathlons, I knew him as a member of the Tennessee crew so called because they always travel as a pack. He has completed 10 full Ironman races and used sports as an analogy to life. He believed that business is about perseverance just as it is with completing an Iron Man Race.

Episode Highlights:  

  • First meeting Darrell at Ironman Chattanooga.
  • Second meeting at Ironman Ohio and the Algae Dancer.
  • Keeping up with Darrel on social media
  • A look at Darrel, the man and how he came to be.
  • Some wise words from Darrel himself.
  • Fare thee well Darrel, we miss you

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