Coach (Mo) Maurice Wills Explains Why His Athletes Hate Him In Training But Love Him Race Day.

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Podcast

Coach Maurice (Mo) Wills is the man who is responsible for getting to the start and finish line of all my major races minus my one DNF ( did not finish). Mo, taught me to swim and believed I could do more than I ever thought possible. I also told him he was the first coach that didn’t fire me- long story.  

Mo  is a USA Triathlon, a level two coach, certified total immersion swim instructor, certified Chi running instructor, and master trainer for heart zones. He is a two-time Boston Marathon finisher, ultra-marathoner and 11-time full-distance Ironman finisher. He had more than 25 years of race experience and over 20 years of coaching experience at all levels and distances. He has coached hundreds of athletes in person and remotely to their finish lines.He always says “hate me now, love me race day”.

He ran competitively in high school and college. He burned out and took a hiatus after college until his mother told him he was fat. He then started running again. It was from there his passion grew and grew. He went from running, cycling, to triathlon racing and  coaching. 

When winter comes, Coach Mo likes to play in the snow being an accomplished snowboarder and skier. He is a certified Tier 1 snowboard instructor. Besides being a coach, Maurice Wills is also an active CPA and holds a BS in accounting from North Carolina A&T State University. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Mo  running  history in high school along with other sports.
  • After a long hiatus in college, Mo takes up running again after his mother calls him fat.
  • His first triathlon race.
  • Coach Mo gives us his take on triathlons.
  • He gets hoodwinked into becoming a coach.
  • How he connected with his present business partner 
  • Mo shares some words of wisdom

Guest Bio

Maurice (Mo) holds a BS in Accounting from North Carolina A&T State University, where he ran Track & Field and Cross-Country. He is a USA Triathlon Level II Coach, certified Total Immersion instructor, certified ChiRunning Instructor and Master Trainer for Heart Zones. Mo is a two-time Boston Marathon finisher, Ultra-marathoner and 11-time Ironman finisher on 5 of the 7 continents. He has completed 10+ marathons and numerous triathlons around the world. Mo has 25+ years of race experience and over 20 years of coaching experience at all levels and distances. He had coached hundreds of athletes (in person and remote) to their finish line goals from 5K to Ultramarathon, including 100+ ironman finishes.

Mo started coaching a competitive swim team in 2017 and is now a certified lifeguard instructor. He also likes to play in the snow. He is an avid snowboarder, skier, and snowmobile enthusiast. He is also a Level 1 certified snowboard instructor.

Mo is a  CPA, so not only will he coach you through a successful triathlon season, but he can find you some good tax deductions on your next return.

Mo co-owner of Infinity Multisport with business partner Lara Mele. 


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