Team Culberson Shows Us That Health and Fitness Can Be A Fun Family Affair

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This episode features two athletes sharing their journeys, successes, and challenges. This mother-and-son duo in sports always finds a way to support each other!  Dr. Petriece  Culberson started her fitness journey while serving in the US Army. Her son Jullien “Jules” CulbersonJules was  exposed to sports even while in the womb. He was pushed in a stroller as his mom ran with her mom group.  Dr Culberson attributes her time in the armed forces and participating in sports in making her disciplined and driven. She uses this drive in competition, pushing herself to be the best she can be. 

Jules has always played sports: basketball, football, soccer were his major sports when he was younger. Unfortunately an injury ended his football career in middle school.. He did not let his injury deter him. Taking an unfamiliar path, Jullien tried out for and made his high school swim team, and completed in his first triathlon at school. Recognizing the significant underrepresentation in the swim community, Jullien also accepted a position to give swim lessons to young children, making a personal commitment to ensure that African-American children were well trained in basic swim techniques. 

 Dr. Petriece  Culberson decided to compete in a triathlon and  her son joined her. Team Culberson was formed and their first event was an indoor triathlon together .Jules continued to accompany mom to her races  and it sparked a desire in him to do more and in Spring 2022 they completed a half distance 70.3 together. 

Together,  triathlons  have created a stronger bond between this mother and son duo— they are truly an inspiration and prove that triathlon is a sport for all ages and that fitness can be a fun family affair. 

Episode Highlights:  

  • Dr. Culberson start in fitness
  • Dr. Culberson first endurance race experience and what she learned from it 
  • Jules started in fitness 
  • The injury that could have ended Jules fitness journey 
  • Jules pivot to become a swimmer
  • Jules role in sharing his gift with the next generation 
  • Dr. Culberson first triathlon after she resumed the sport
  • Jules training for his first 70.3 Half distance Triathlon
  • Team Culberson  Journey to complete Ironman North Carolina 70.3 as a Duo

Guest Bios:

Dr. Petriece Culberson

At her first duty station, she joined a proud group of service men and women in her unit who exceeded the maximum points required to earn the infamous Army Badge for Physical Fitness Excellence. Her love for health and fitness resulted in a nomination and selection by her leadership to attend a newly developed health and fitness program for the US Army. Following extensive physical and academic training, Petriece earned the title of Master Fitness Trainer for the US Army. Throughout her military career, Petriece taught physical fitness training and oversaw Army Physical Fitness Testing at numerous military bases stateside, abroad, and while deployed.

While stationed in Turkey, in support of Operation Northern Watch, Petriece completed her first half marathon at the age of 27. She was humbled by the experience and quickly realized that although she could run two-miles for the military fitness test effortlessly, 13.1 miles was hard, really hard. This humbling experience was the beginning of her distance running journey. Following her retirement, Petriece decided that she would not run again for a very long time.

She was tired. She quickly realized that she missed running. She missed the time alone with her thoughts and the physical results that running produced. Petriece gradually returned to running and walking short distances (5k/10K). In 2010, less than two years after her retirement, Petriece tragically lost her mother. In search of holistic methods to help her manage grief and depression, Petriece turned to meditation and running. Running became her outlet, driving her to complete over 50 half marathons, a few marathons, 50k, and 50M distances within a few years.

She found peace, solitude, and healing in her running journey. In 2017, Petriece re-entered the world of triathlon. It would be over 20 years since her first triathlon. She was a mediocre swimmer but had enough skills to prevent drowning. Her son, who was the Co-Captain of his high school swim team at the time, joined her. She recalls being lapped by her son while she walked the laps. At the time she could not swim 25 yards without holding on the lane line ropes. With determination, training, and support from her son, Petriece went on to complete numerous local sprint and olympic triathlons, often making the podium. Her new-found love for triathlons led her to successful completion of the Ironman 70.3 distance and Ironman 140.6 distance within two years of her return to triathlon.

Most recently, Petriece completed Ironman North Carolina 70.3 with her son, Jullien.This was the highlight of her triathlon journey. The best proud mom moment ever! While she admits that age and injury have impacted her ability to be as quick as she used to be, she is committed to continuing her health and fitness journey, incorporating triathlon along the way.

Dr. Petriece Culberson is a 20-year retired Army Veteran currently employed by the federal government. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services/Psychology, a Master’s degree in Education, and a Doctorate’s degree in Management and Organizational Leadership. She is the owner of BloomPrint (Life) Coaching, an avid traveler, and a certified scuba diver. During her free time, she enjoys volunteering in support of the underserved in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Jullien “Jules” Culberson

Jullien Culberson was born in Wiesbaden, Germany while his mother was serving in the US Army and his father played for an overseas basketball club. From birth, Jullien spent many days in the gym while his mother led fitness training for military service members and his father practiced basketball. Jullien began his love for sports at the age of five. For four years, he played basketball with a local basketball club while simultaneously playing soccer for a Southern California Soccer Club.

At the age of ten, he relocated to Texas with his family where he was reintroduced to football. Jullien played several seasons with Plano Sports Authority until an injury brought his football future to an unfortunate end. Jullien did not let his injury prevent him from excelling in sports. Taking an unfamiliar path, Jullien tried out for and made his high school swim team. Recognizing the significant underrepresentation in the swim community, Jullien accepted a position to give swim lessons to young children, making a personal commitment to ensure that African-American children were well trained in basic swim techniques. In this capacity, Jullien also served as a Swim Team Coach for a local swim club in North Texas.

While swimming could not replace his love for football, soccer, and basketball, Jullien was proud to make a presence in an under-represented sport, ultimately earning his position as the team Co-Captain. During his four-year stint on the swim team, Jullien played water polo and completed his first triathlon during the off season.

In 2017, Jullien accompanied his mother for an Indoor Triathlon. The following years he supported his mother as a Sherpa as she trained for and competed in Ironman 70.3 and Ironman 140.6 distances. Witnessing the Ironman journey up close and personal sparked his curiosity. He competed in local triathlons and in Spring of 2022, he registered and committed to his first Ironman 70.3 alongside his mother. The mother-son team affectionately known as Team Culberson, successfully completed Ironman North Carolina 70.3 in October 2022.

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