From Navy Officer to Ironman: Tom Scheer’s Journey to Fitness

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Navy officer, college president, and entrepreneur are only a few of Tom Scheer’s many accomplishments. In this inspiring episode, Tom shares his story of growing up in a racist neighborhood and finding acceptance through sports, leading to a passion for fitness and endurance races, including over 30 Ironman competitions. It all began at the Boy and Girls Club and he is passionate about giving back to the organization that gave him so much. 

Tom shares his strategies for managing a busy life, emphasizing the value of discipline and time management. He discusses his military mindset, focus on organization, and reliance on good general managers. Tom also talks about his experiences at the Kona Ironman and the World Heavyweight Championship belt he created to celebrate his achievement.

Throughout the conversation, Tom emphasizes the importance of pursuing new hobbies and finding joy in life, encouraging listeners to move their bodies, get some sunlight, and engage with the world around them.

Episode Highlights:

  • Overcoming racism through sports and the Boys and Girls Club
  • Managing a busy life with a military mindset and good general managers
  • Discipline and time management in pursuing athletic goals
  • Favorite Ironman races and completing all North American Ironman races
  • Kona Ironman and the World Heavyweight Championship belt
  • Racing in a kilt to honor Scottish heritage
  • Bucket list of races and endurance tests
  • Finding joy in life through pursuing new hobbies and passions.

Guest Bio

Tom Scheer joined his local Boys & Girls Club on his seventh birthday and identifies his 12 years at the  Club as the most positive influence on his life, for this time fostered a sense of commitment, work ethic, entrepreneurial drive, and love of sports. 

Tom began his career in the U.S. Navy; he served as a Damage Control Assistant, Assistant Operations Officer, and as the Navy’s Right Whale Protection Officer. He was recognized for his fire fighting expertise, and was selected to lead training exercises for the Qatar Navy. Tom left active duty to take a position as an associate brand manager on Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. While at Kraft he led brand licensing, added colored noodles to the macaroni & cheese box, and spearheaded trade spending reductions. He subsequently worked as a brand manager for Rich Products and CibaVision, working on Farm Rich French Toast Sticks, Rich’s Éclairs, SeaPak Shrimp, and FreshLook fashion contact lenses. 

Tom has also been an owner and managing partner of several small businesses, among them T-Scheer Pizza Inc. (a Hungry Howie’s franchisee), Knox Consulting Group (small business consulting) and the Steilacoom Group (apparel company). He is currently pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors while in business school, and is the founder of Move-In Box, a student launched consumer packaged goods based company.

Tom earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the United States Naval Academy and is currently a Dean’s Fellow at the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business, earning an MBA with Emphasis in Entrepreneurship. While a member of the Boys & Girls Club, Tom won Junior Olympic Gold and Bronze medals in table tennis. In college, he fought to become an All-American Heavyweight Boxer. Tom is currently the captain and starting goalie of the Ross hockey team, despite having never ice skated prior to business school. 

His awards include the Navy Commendation Medal, Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern MichiganAlumnus of the Year, Coast Guard Guiding Principles Award, and, as part of the Benjamin Banneker Society, President George H.W. Bush’s 437th Daily Point of Light. He is the proud father of three children from a former marriage.

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