Birthday Month

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Anyone who really knows me, know that I believe in celebrating life. I try to live my life to the fullest. Tomorrow is not promised, so everyday is a gift from God. After my mother died I became depressed. I had to seek counseling. It was the worse time of my life. I wrote about it in my book “Running Is Cheaper Than Therapy: A Journey Back to Wholeness” Anyway after I got back to being me, and went through the death of my father I realized that the best way to honor my parents is to live my life.  I try to take the good with the bad, and make the most of each moment. My life is far from perfect, but I find something to smile and be happy about every day.

This year for my birthday trip I went to Martha’s Vineyard for an African American film festival. It was something to do and it was during the perfect time — the week of my birthday. It was awesome. I saw an advance screening of Marshall.


It is a great film please support it when it comes out in October. I love Chadwick Boseman.  I saw an advance screen on Insecure. I did not know that Issa Rae created and produced the show. I saw small independent films. Film students  have to pay a fortune to make a their films, a face that I learned. The reason that I was moved was the stories. The short film about Black Love to air on OWN soon, was one of my favorites. I am a hopefully romantic if you did not know. The short film See you Yesterday which was about Black Lives was another favorite of mine. The short film Forever  which was about interfacial love and hate crimes moved me. It made me mad, but it had a strong message at the end. I was entertained. I was moved, and I was motivated. Another great work was The Defiant  One to air on HBO motivated me to continue to  follow my dreams.  Take Me Home about health and food deserts in Atlanta really touched my heart as my goal as a health professional, author is to motivate and inspire others.

Although I think the best part of my trip was my bike ride exploring the island. I hate it rained my last day, because I would have had a two day bike ride. The beauty, the water, seeing all the people was a special trip highlight.  Will share a few pictures from my trip, and my mini photo-shoot.  The celebration continues I party all month.


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