What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

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Life is interesting to say the least. Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn of events. There are a series of forks in the road. It is during this times, that one must make difficult decisions. Well, sometimes the same decision will present itself in a different ways. I think these are tests, that maybe we failed before, but life has a way of presenting them again so one can pass the test. My Pastor John Hannah mentions” Pass the Test” in one of his sermons.

So how did and how do I handle making difficult decision in my life. Especially those that are emotionally charged. At first, I tend to overreact. I have learned to be quiet  and analyze the situation before I act. I have not alway done that in the past, and it made the situation worse. I usually talk to my small circle of friends — best friend, my ride-or die girls, my person, and my adopted auntie. They give me prospective and often times can see the big picture. I make sure to pray. I keep it 100% with God. Tell him the situation, although it is not like he already knows. I tell God what I want, and what I think that I need. I ask they he bypass that and give me what he knows I need. Father does know best.  I then try my best, to let it go. Meaning I don’t stress about it. I then go with peace.  The answer is usually the one that gives me peace and tanqulity. The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and added no sorrow –Proverbs 10:22

I am not saving that everything is awesome and great with my difficult decisions, but I have peace, and there always is confirmation that  God got me and all things will work out for my good.

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