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I am writing this love letter or like letter to someone special. At the end will reveal who.. so keep reading

The year was 1998 and you were about to go to medical school. It was quite a life changing experience. You were starting a new life. You decided to try a new look, no one knew what you looked like before so it was perfect timing. You had the balls to tell someone you were into them. Something you always had problems with before. Things didn’t work out but you took a risk, and no harm as you were leaving. Had that person been interested you may not have Dr. in front of you name now. I fell for you then, and it has grown over the years.

You did the thing and now you are a real MD. The road was rough with many sleepless nights, many prayers, and some tears. ” Lord I did hear this from you, if so why is this so hard.” You learned to use the pain to grow and glow. Many days when you felt like shedding tears you would find the smallest things to be thankful for.

Well without giving too many details—I love you Ouida Brown. Yes, I love myself.

When I was a child, adolescent, I didn’t love myself enough which resulted in some poor choices especially with dating.. There was a many tearful night. I was a perfectionist and never was good enough for myself. I had to grow and learn to love myself. If I don’t love myself how do I expect another person to love me.

My preacher sermon this past Sunday was titled “My Story- Rejection” yesterday One of the most poignant statement was I had to grieve my expectations. No human can live us to your expectations. Everyone experiences some form of rejection. Learn and move on, with no hostility. Be open with love, hope, and FAITH. So love yourself, keep moving, forgive, and be open. Life and love will find you.

Sermon from this past Sunday  (check out from time 1:09 to 1:42) if you don’t have to view whole think. Check it out it

Watch My Story: Part 2 online at

Be blessed!!

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