The Struggle Continues

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My first Ragnar team describes my current dilemma. While everyone who knows me, knows I love running — ” Running Is Cheaper Than Therapy.” While, I love running, often running does not  always love me. I have had  a plethora of injuries. Most of them have involved my feet–stress fracture, Achilles tendonitis, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, pain around scar after had a procedure for my plantar fasciitis, and mid-foot pain.  Now my injuries include both of feet. My right one was jealous, so it had to get a little action.  I am on IR list,  but I am not totally out. I can walk/run intervals. I walk more than I run. I end up aggravating my injury if I do more than that now. I have a condition  called sinus tarsi syndrome. Sinus tarsi syndrome is common after an ankle sprain.  Although, I never sprained my right ankle, I sprained the left before New York Marathon in November 2017.  It also occurs in people with flat feet or people who over pronate (people who turn foot in when running) 2017 .  I pronate, and have a low arch. I have had laser treatments which have helped significantly but still I have minor pain with running. So today I got a cortisone injection and will take it easy ( for me) and later this week resume my progression to return to running.

I thank God for triathlon training as I can  go hard with swimming, cycling , and                                                                                                                                                     strength training. When I was injured in the past all I had was the gym, and honestly it is not my favorite place to be. I would rather be outside.

I am stubborn which is a blessing and a curse, and I will ultimately be back and better than ever. Thank God in advance for my healing. I have just a few races coming up- five to be exact.


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