The Struggle Bus

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The wind chill was 10 degrees.  There were gale wind forces of 37-40 mph.  Ten minutes into the run I felt like the wind was going to push me over.  I then made a turn to go run a hill, ant the wind actually gave me some momentum and I screamed yes. Running had not been fun lately, and I actually wrote a book about it “Running Is Cheaper Than Therapy” I could blame it on the cold, but I have pushed through cold, rain, and snow and I always got it in. Since I have been doing triathlons I have so many workout running and strength training are using the first to be missed weeks I can’t fit it all in. Also I now run on Sunday and that used to be my rest day. “Sundays are for football and Jesus” Well, now I add swimming and running. My rest day is now Monday or Friday and sometimes I swim on my rest day-the life of a triathlete. Don’t get me wrong, overall I enjoy it. The worse is getting out of bed early in the morning. So I am training for an Iron Man and I have to get serious again about my running. 

So I asked for help with my issue, something that is hard for me to do. I got tons of advice from one of my groups-Fast Chix. I realized than one of my major problem was I was allot slower than my usually pace now. Not that I was anywhere close to qualifying for Boston (Boston is the elite race for everyday runners). My goal at that time was then to get faster. I have a need for speed. So running and seeing my pace, actually discouraged me. I had and have to change my mindset. I began a process of changing my mindset. It is hard. I thought about the times I could not run before and after my knee surgery. I thought about the time I could not run when I have to have a procedure because my plantar fasciitis would not go away. I thought about the other times other “minor” my injuries caused me to be sidelined. I thought about the my first marathon when I ran injured and could not bend my knee past mile but I walked/limped to the finish line. I thought about the breeze that seems to help blow my cares away when I am running. I thought of my friends, team mates who never miss a work out. They may not always be the fastest, but they put in work and they see results. 

My long Sunday run the week before was in the snow. When I left home it was only a few flakes, but on the way back it was covered with snow. I have been listening ” Can’t Hurt Me” By David Goggins” The book has challenges so one was do things you don’t like to do. I said yes this long snow run on a Sunday was it. I ran my slow 10 miles and felt amazing after I got home. I thought of all of thee above. I thought of my half Iron Man when I was hot and hurting and how I had to keep moving to finish on time. I thought this is the mind set that I have to have when I complete my Iron Man this is my mental training to callous my mind. 

Well that takes me back to my 12 mile run last Sunday when the wind chill was 10, with the gale winds. Not to mention that I needed a bathroom, and city of Chicago locks all the public ones on the lake from in the winter. Let’s just say I found a way. To all my friends training, running, or working hard on something that can be challenging please hang in there. Change you mind, you can do anything. My verse/motto/mantra ” With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible” but remember “Faith without Works Is Dead”

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