What I Have Learned From My Coronavirus Quarantine

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The last blog I posted I had just returned home for a ski trip in Sun Valley Idaho. So much has changed since early March. The last two months have been a time of tremendous reflection among a lot of other things. Below are a few things that I have learned during this time of isolation.

  1. I spend way too much money on things,  I don’t really  don’t need 
  2. I love Insecure, Black AF- have watched them multiple times. Not sure why they give me a good  warm fuzzy feeling
  3. I know way too much about Coronavirus to be an orthopaedic surgeon. 
  4. While  I am extroverted introvert ( google it).  I miss my social network.
  5. I can workout at home.  
  6. From a person who was scared of water I miss swimming
  7. I would be okay with a move, and a new start as most of my friends are literally worldwide. 
  8. I love sports especially football and glad it is not NFL season now
  9. I needed time to get my affairs in order- will, power of attorney, my beneficiaries for my life insurance
  10. I am an emotional eater, this was just re-affirmed. I gained 10 quarantine pounds, and have lost 9. Now need to loss those vacation pre-COVID pounds and will be good
  11. I miss my family especially my uncle who  recently passed from COVID-19
  12. I love to sleep late, and stay up late. I am actually much more productive but my job really is not conducive  with that schedule.
  13. It okay not to be okay. I have had some good days and bad days. Some days I have to cry and even had a few virtual counseling sessions. 
  14. Voting Matters, this was just confirmed
  15. I have Imposter Syndrome (again google it)  back to number 2 thanks Issa Rae

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