How Do You Know When It is Time to Move On From a Friendship

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Another Insecure theme, I should write my blog based on their shows during the season. I have another one in mind for next week, stay tuned. Thanks Issa Rae for all the subject material. This is my list. Please share with me yours. We all have friends for different seasons, reasons, and there are some that last a lifetime. There are your friends you go to when you need to talk, vent, need advice. You have your friends you travel with, friends you club with, and go to happy hour with.  People also have work friends, college friends, now we have Facebook/Instagram friends. I could go on and on. When it is time to end whatever friendship it is?

  1. When it becomes toxic and there is no resolution in site. 
  2. When you are the person that pours into the relationship, but your “friend” does nothing to cultivate the relationship
  3. When your friends always puts you down, the only way the relationship works is that they are the winner and you are the loser. 
  4. When your friends crosses a line that should never be crossed. i.e friend flirt with your man, husband
  5. When you no longer have anything in common. You use to be at the club every weekend but now that you are married with three kids you no longer club. If all you were is club friends with no other substantial relationship there is nothing to hold the relationship together.
  6. When the person can’t accept you as you grow and become and can’t be supportive in the process.  Similar to five but they are different. 

Nathan and Molly conversation is hilarious. It is long but a good listen to.

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