Social Media Is a Blessing and a Curse

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

How ironic is it that I post something regarding social media on social medial outlets?  Let me start with the good. 

  1. Social medial helps me keep in touch with friends I have met from all over the world
  2. It keeps me abreast of many current affairs as I tend not to watch the news in normal times. News is too depressing. 
  3. Pre-COVID it was good with letting me know what was going on socially and otherwise in Chicago. 
  4. I love seeing all my friend’s kids pictures. They are so cute. 

Today I want to somewhat vent about the negative aspects of social media. It seems as if it is becoming more apparent in this pandemic. 

  1. The cancel culture is real and is often too soon without getting all the information
  2. We often don’t read past the headlines. The headlines often give the wrong or partial information. Some people take it and run with it. 
  3. There are usually three sides to every story.  One person’s, the other person’s and the truth is somewhere in the middle.
  4. The political climate has caused too much division. All people of a particular party are not inherently evil nor or they inherently pure.  There are good and bad on both sides. We all need to learn to disagree but show each other respect. 
  5. I am always willing to discuss a controversial issue with anyone. I just ask for respect, an open mind, and not for the purpose of arguing. Some matters people will never agree on so why try to change others mind. There are some issues where people want to be better informed in order to  progress and learn.  I wish people would stop trolling for arguments    

This is my two cents. The world is messed up, can we all try to be more loving and caring as we are all hurting in some form 

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